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My name is William Cheng, and I’m the founder of the up-and-coming startup CareerRocket. It’s a career counselling service that connects students to working professionals. This way, students can find out more about jobs from people who actually do them. What most people don’t know is that my team is made up of high schoolers. From high-income private schools to poor public districts, from independents in California to charters in Tokyo, all of us have seen how limited career counselling is in our schools. And that ambition to succeed is what keeps us working until four in the morning. Today, our team gave ourselves three hours to build a minimum viable product, or better known as an “MVP”. While the MVP is the barest bones of our product, we were heavily pressed for time—and everyone knew it. We had to bring our goal of connecting a student to a professional to life. I applaud my team for carrying themselves so well under such high pressure. People say confidence is key, and they are 100% right. When he led the original Macintosh team, Steve Jobs was famously known to make the impossible seem possible so much that it became known as his “reality distortion field”. Each member of the CareerRocket team seemed to share in our own reality distortion field. When our team stepped into our office, everyone shed their doubts and flew right to work. Read more here. Follow CareerRocket / Facebook / Linkedin /  
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