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What if there was more? Our team faced this question when we embarked on a project to help people truly experience and understand the world around them. We observed that even in a modern society, many people never truly discover the natural charm and beauty of where they reside. In addition, we realised that many people tend to correlate new experiences with travel and vacations (both of which are not accessible to all people). Our goal is to provide all people activities, events, and places that are both local and accessible. To put it simply, We believe there is more. What will we do? Our team worked to provide a solution and Odyssey was what we envisioned as a solution. We realised that modern apps such as Tripadvisor, Expedia, and Yelp, were time-consuming and required a lot of effort to use. So we determined that an app offering user personalization and preference, alongside time and location would be best. We want to make adventures more simple. The Update Through our time at Leangap, there have been high’s and low’s. But through it all, what our team shares is a common vision and a common goal. Our app has turned out to be harder than expected to develop, but we are still pushing and striving to get stuff done. So far, our favourite memory from Leangap has to be taking out Kapil in Eddy’s Maserati and taking him down to the 16th street mosaics as proof of concept. As a team, we look forward to what is to come and the opportunities that we each will have in the future as we work collaboratively.

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