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“Leangap is the most execution-based entrepreneurship program for high school students in the United States”

There is minimal time spent on thinking or planning, and students spend almost the entirety of the program constantly constantly building and refining a living product/service. The core belief of Leangap is that entrepreneurship can only be learned through action, followed by analysis. (not vice-versa)

The Leangap program is rather unstructured compared to most summer camps for high school students because Leangap’s curriculum is modelled after a real technology accelerator. This means that all students are treated like adults, and no concepts or lessons are ever “dumbed down” simply because of their age. This is why we must have a very selective admissions process, as the typical high school student cannot follow our curriculum with ease.

There is a minimal classroom time in the program, and most lessons are designed to be learned through a unique exercise which requires student participation. Each lesson is prepared like a piece of art, carefully designed to engage students and staff alike.

Let’s see the first footage from 2018!

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