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Leangap is more than a summer program; it’s a life-changing catalyst. Our mission is to help student entrepreneurs continue and grow their businesses beyond attendance at Leangap through mentorship and opportunities.

Jason Lu attended Leangap in 2016 and co-founded PillDrops, a device that automates the entire pill-taking process by organising all your pills and matching each pill to the time you need to take it. It connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone to keep you updated.

After the experience gained at Leangap, Jason attended Yale and later joined as an Associate Intern at LaunchCapital where he conducted due diligence, portfolio management, and special projects for Seed/Series A VC firm with 150+ portfolio companies including Snapchat, Spotify and more. 

He now runs Yale Helix Group, an undergraduate incubator that provides support and mentorship for students who want to create health-tech startups. Raised funding and gathered support from the Yale Tsai CITY initiative and CBIT (Center for Biomedical Innovation and Technology). 

You can put in contact with Jason Lu here

Apply to Leangap here and join the world’s top teenage entrepreneurs this summer at UC Berkeley.

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