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Leangap is designed to help high school students start real companies in one summer.

Leangap Main Mentors

We will help you build your company

Eddy Zhong

Business & Hardware

Eddy sold his first wearable tech company at age 17. He delivered one of the world’s most popular TEDxYouth talks with over 5 million views. He’s been featured on WIRED, Business Insider, and hundreds of publications. His talks on education have been shown in thousands of schools around the world.

Sadok Cervantes

Design and Development

Named one of 2017’s best designers in the world by Fast Company. He has worked for brands like Lufthansa and the MIT Media Lab. He’s also a UX Mentor at some of the most renowned online design schools such as DesignLab and Springboard. He has designed and coded some of the most visited websites in the world.

Gemma Busoni

Virtual Reality & Startups

Gemma is the founder of DiscovrLabs, a VR company that builds educational VR applications and the systems to deploy them. She was a guest of honor to the White House in 2016, bringing VR to the White House under the direct guidance of Michelle Obama. She is also the recipient of the Thiel Fellowship, granting her $100,000 for her groundbreaking work.

Kaeya Majmundar

Business & Sales

Santiago Alcubierre

Marketing / Customer Aquisitioon 

Elizabeth Dankoski

College Admissions

Jonathan Ortheden

Kira Gobes


of our former students

3 Things:

1. I learned a lot of PROGRAMMING.
2. Now I feel so confident that I can do ANYTHING.
3. With LeanGap’s network, I can do EVERYTHING

Thank you Eddy for making this event possible! I will keep on working with our startup and work as a freelancer 🙂

Bomul Lee

South Corea, Class 2018

“It has been 110% worth it. Leangap has expanded my mind and pushed me out of my comfort zone. I have been not only inspired, motivated but also empowered with the right skills to create an impact. I’ve met some of the most brilliant high schoolers ever and they made it so far the best, most fun summer i’ve had”.

Christie Weche

Nairobi Kenya, class 2018

At Leangap I was able to meet 40 students with the same goals and mindsets as me, and we formed groups that literally # Got Shit Done. Leangap is very execution based, lessons are framed on our team needs and the goal is to have a revenue generating real startup by the end. The mentors were very knowledgable in their fields.

Nicolas Hohaus

Munich, Germany, class 2018

“I got an opportunity to learn tons of new things at Leangap. Here, everything’s possible. Absolutely one of the best summers I ever had! 100% recommend.”

Thơ Vũ

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, class 2018


Some of the colleges

our students end up attending


of our former students

“When Leangap started, I didn’t know anything about entrepreneurship. I didn’t even have a lemonade stand as a kid. Now, I’m working on Guap, a company I love, with a team I adore, and I’m confident that I could build a successful business.”



“Leangap was by far the most exciting summer I’ve ever had.  This summer was special because I got to live with 50 of the coolest guys and girls around. I got to spend time with them in this amazing city while building endless relationships. I promise you, the people you’ll meet will be dope.”



“Making something that can help other people was a humbling experience, different from anything else I experienced in high school. The creative independent atmosphere of the camp allowed me to gain new perspectives that could not have been taught in a classroom.”



“Not only did I leave Leangap with an actual company and a talented team of my best friends, but I also matured and picked up new skills and interests that I never would have been introduced to if it weren’t for this summer.”



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