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Coming from a small country halfway around the world, Vietnam. I never thought that one day I would have this awesome opportunity to become an entrepreneur, at the age of 15. My name is Tho Vu, I am a sophomore studying abroad in the USA, and currently working on my very first start-up. Our team concluded 7 people. Seven unique individuals from 3 different countries. Despite the differences in nationality and language, we have the same dream, and one same goal, to become something that can help others and communities. Therefore, we came up with Pulse Navigation.

Pulse Navigation was originally Ryan’s idea.

After one accident he has been through with his bike, Ryan realizes the importance of navigation and recognized that there was no such perfect navigation device. Therefore, he came up with this idea about a gadget that can help people navigate without distraction from GPS. “Pulse” is a set of device that is wristband alike. Design so you can attach them to each side of your biceps or shins. They will vibrate when you are 200 meters (around 600 feet) from your turning point. All you have to do is download our app on App Store, put in the location you want to go to, connect your phone with Bluetooth, and you are good to go! Currently, hardware team (Ryan, Rohan, and Selin) are still working on the design of the product and trying to perfect little details. While the marketing team (Kaleb, JC, Phuong, and me) are boosting the attraction from potential customers. By next week, we are going to launch the product on Kickstarter and hoping to reach our goal. Therefore, all of those sleepless nights, hours spent to figure out how to make the product work, various rejections, all of the laugh, tears, and even arguments will payback. Four weeks is not long enough. I have made so many good friends here that I will miss a lot after this. Especially my team, Pulse Navigation. Thank you for your friendship and the time we had together. I will never forget.

Pulse Navigation, by Tho Vu

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