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Kaeya started her first company, BZBox, during her time at Emory University. She successfully made a deal on the Season 5 Finale of ABC’s SharkTank.

Following her deal with Lori Greiner, BZBox was massively successful and Kaeya went on to start Kaeyos. Kaeyos is a unique product development and marketing agency for entrepreneurial influencers and celebrities nationwide.

At Kaeyos, Kaeya guides clients on how to maximize their sales using their social media and celebrity influence, much like she had done after her SharkTank appearance. This company has created successful brands specialized to fan bases and followers via E-commerce sites.

Kaeya is also passionate about early entrepreneurship from students and routinely visits Leangap as a mentor, each summer. She teaches students how to growth-hack their company’s sales and develop new revenue channels from scratch.

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