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Arun is a 14 year old High School student from New York City.

In his first year of high school, he suffered a concussion that made it not only hard to focus, but also to sleep. He also found that sleeping was almost impossible without the optimal sleeping environment.

He came to Leangap and cofounded Crescent

A modern bedside lamp that gives users soothing scent, lighting, and sound for optimal sleep.

Despite being the youngest member of his team, Arun was an inspiring leader. Arun managed to win the votes of his fellow classmates and proceeded to lead one of the six teams of Leangap 2017. Over the summer, his team developed the technology for Crescent using research from sleep scientists. They studied circadian rhythm, aromatherapy, and lighting to mimic user’s natural sleep cycles.

After initial development, Arun and his team released an early version of Crescent on Indiegogo and raised over $8,000.

Today, Crescent is looking for manufacturing partners and working on the final iteration of their product for mass market release.

Read more about Crescent HERE!

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