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After a startup idea is conceived, ample and valid customer validation must be conducted to ensure that there is, in fact, a demand for the proposed new product/service. Many high school/college student startups simply skip this step when building a company, and realise their mistake later on when investors are wary to invest and customers are wary to buy. The earlier a mistake is realized within the initial concept, the easier it is to fix.

Conducting customer validation is not just asking a few close friends or family members: “Hey! What do you think of my idea?”

Ir is a thorough research process that requires the startup team to define their own metrics and deadlines. For example, a product-based company may send out a survey on social media and designate within the team that if the survey does not reach x amount of positive responses within the week, the concept must be reviewed and edited. It is incredibly important to realise that even if you believe a startup idea is ingenious and without flaw, it is ultimately your customer who decides. During customer validation, your own opinion is far less important than that of others.

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