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Christina came to Leangap to help other teenagers with depression and created Seedlings, a positive-message reinforcement app that helps lift teenagers out of depression. Although Christina didn’t know how to code, Leangap mentors helped her wireframe and create the first version of Seedlings, and eventually, launch to the iOS app store. The app was a massive success, and within days they had over 5,000 downloads, and over 10,000 monthly active users. Seedling’s team mentor was Jonathan Ortheden, a Swedish app developer who is considered a prodigy by many. Awarded WWDC scholarship 3 consecutive years, 500,000 total downloads on his apps in the app store, and hired by Porsche design twice. Check out here for more info about Seedlings

“Making something that can help other people was a humbling experience, different from anything else I experienced in high school. The creative independent atmosphere of the camp allowed me to gain new perspectives that could not have been taught in a classroom.”

Christina Baek, 17 years old Founder of Seedlings

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