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Today, we feature CampusSelect: a Leangap alumni company that has been running strong since the summer of 2017. CampusSelect helps high school seniors make better college decisions by providing real-time video chats with current undergraduate students. Since incubation at Leangap, CampusSelect has: – Over 250 college mentors from Harvard, MIT, UPenn, Cornell, and other top schools             – Over 1,000 paying high school seniors using their platform             – Several interested angel investors at seed stage.             – Over $20,000 in annual profit             – Winner of the 2018 Diamond Challenge summit Andrew Cramer, the founder of CampusSelect, currently attends Wharton at the University of Pennsylvania. His dream of helping high school seniors make better college decisions come closer to reality every single day.

Leangap is not a summer camp, but a true startup incubator. Each summer, we are dedicated to changing the lives of 40 of the brightest and most talented students in the world by helping them start real, sustainable, and profitable companies.

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