How School Makes Kids Less Intelligent

How to Apply to Leangap!

Hunter Ashley Staff & Admissions Hunter is the primary point of contact for students wishing to join Leangap’s summer programs and conducts interviews for students who advance to round II of...

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From Blue Campus to Look At Her

It was easy enough to realize the problem of sexual assault. We all cared about it deeply, and we were shocked by the horrifying statistic that 1 in 3 women are sexually or physically violated in the world. But soon, we found that none of the many...

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The Importance of Teamwork in a Startup

The most important element to a startup’s success is the team. In a famous study by Harvard Review, entrepreneurship professors discovered the startup teams of three or more founders were almost twice as likely to succeed as individual founders. This is...

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Customer Validation – Leangap

After a startup idea is conceived, ample and valid customer validation must be conducted to ensure that there is, in fact, a demand for the proposed new product/service. Many high school/college student startups simply skip this step when building a...

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The Leangap Culture

"Leangap is the most execution-based entrepreneurship program for high school students in the United States" There is minimal time spent on thinking or planning, and students spend almost the entirety of the program constantly constantly building and...

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Sadok Cervantes – Mentor

Hi! I'm Sadok, I’m Leangap's Design Mentor and I’ll be with you side by side during summer 2018. I’ve worked in Product Design, UI, UX, and Front-end development with incredible companies and non-profits, like Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières, The...

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Christina Baek – Leangap Student

Christina came to Leangap to help other teenagers with depression and created Seedlings, a positive-message reinforcement app that helps lift teenagers out of depression. Although Christina didn’t know how to code, Leangap mentors helped her wireframe and create the...

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3 Keys to Starting a Company in High School

Starting a company in high school is not as hard as most students think. In fact, I'm going to outline how to use three key advantages that are exclusively available to teen entrepreneurs. 1. Attend Many Business Competitions When Eddy Zhong started Blanc watches, his...

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Kaeya Majmundar – Mentor

Kaeya started her first company, BZBox, during her time at Emory University. She successfully made a deal on the Season 5 Finale of ABC’s SharkTank. Following her deal with Lori Greiner, BZBox was massively successful and Kaeya went on to start Kaeyos. Kaeyos is a...

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Andrew Curl – Student

Growing up, Andrew had a passion for playing video games with friends. Despite his love for the games he played, Andrew realized that there was a major lack of physical activity in traditional gaming. Andrew came to Leangap to bridge the health benefits of physical...

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Arun Rau – Student

Arun is a 14 year old High School student from New York City. In his first year of high school, he suffered a concussion that made it not only hard to focus, but also to sleep. He also found that sleeping was almost impossible without the optimal sleeping environment....

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Leangap is not your ordinary summer program. Every year, we invite a handful of teenagers from around the world to Boston and San Francisco, where they embark on an intense five week journey to build real, scalable companies. Powering high school student startups


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